Mixed Reality space planning

The world is a canvas

Interior design in mixed reality Interio is a software solution that will revolutionize the workflow of interior designers via Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. Architects and designers get a powerful tool to plan and design office spaces and interiors by placing furniture in real-world environments.

Advanced features like path optimization and room acoustic simulations, enable them to test and validate all design decisions on-site and in real-time. We simplify every step of the design process and enables clients to explore and experience different setups during the planning phase.

Optimization of room acoustics

Interio can simulate noise sources acoustically as well as visually. Spatial sound feedback supports the planning of noise-reducing furniture and sound absorbing wall panels. Room acoustics can be optimized intuitively to reduce echo and improve speech ineligibility. For the first time, clients can hear the difference walking through space.

Layout and path optimization

It is important to understand how people will move around the space to adapt to their natural flow. Our modeling tools enable architects to visualize the overall performance of a facility and support them proactively during the design process and furniture placement.


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Master the regulations

Interior designers make decisions that affect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public. Interio co-pilots architects during the design process and automatically checks legal regulations and code of practice during furniture arrangement. So instead of keeping yourself updated on current fire safety requirements, you can concentrate entirely on the creative task.

Ergonomics and usability

Jump into the field of view of your users to experience different scenarios without changing your physical location. Our Artificial Intelligence can augment your experience by adding virtual co-workers, realistic noise sources and natural daylight to the scene.

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